Friday, December 13, 2019

Why blog is necessary for small business?

So, you began a new business with a dream to become outliers. In the beginning, it goes well with some people and some don't. But somewhere down the funnel you want to get more business, more traction, and more recognition as we all have ego whether we hide it or not. Then you might look up on the internet and might find this blog telling you to begin a blog. I mean there are many other methods too but blogging is an essential part. 

Gradually over a period of time you can get more shares, more likes, and more comments to your posts. Then somewhere you can expect a boom in the sales. It may or may not happen at the time you think but if you'll stay it'll happen. Like it is said most of the kids in school have a dream but only those succeed who never give up.
As business nowadays is a multi-channel process. But blogging remains at the core if you don't believe me look at the biggest brands’ site. It's a slow process to be honest unlike TikTok stars but you need to understand slow and steady wins the race. As in the beginning the first thing you need is to create an awareness about your business and don't forget a good relation which takes time always whether it's with your partner or boss or employee. A good relation is also a worth time spending for especially if you want to sustain long in this game. Sticking to your core persona and giving it a twist is always appreciated in relation to time. 

Now what you can blog about is a good question from you? It depends on you but you can take some general advice here. See if someone is buying from you they aren't just buying a product but an experience, an association with a brand where they feel related to. Give them an invisible badge what they can flaunt as people first instincts while purchasing areimpressing others. All this can happen through blog over a period of time as more people begin to start associating with your brand. Gradually, you'll see more engagement; more likes, but only those succeed who never give up. 

You can update daily happening in your company if you are comfortable, like buffer or Hubspot do with their culture. Then you have a great chance to welcome the world into your world but it comes with a bigger stake also so please that into consideration. As you don't want to reveal everything as everyone says they like honesty but in experience it's only in words not action. You can give value to customers by giving free eBook, free stuffs depending on your business, or any other way you appeal to customers' mind. Remember business is a mind game not a heart game. Don't go into that business much. 

Final piece of advice you'll know more from doing than showing so just do it. 

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