Friday, December 13, 2019

What is web application? And why a business needs it?

A web application is an application what you can run in your browser instead. So, instead of just using the application preinstalled, now you can access on any system including mobile phone but it’s different from   . It’s very helpful for businesses these days.  It creates an ease for user and provides smooth functionality and usability.

 How to develop?
To develop a web application you need to decide server, database, framework, programming language you are going to use. Together one on one it’s called stack.
There are two sides to it i.e. one client side and another server side. In other words, the former is called front end and the later is called server side. Front end is visible to the users while backend isn’t. It’s only for the machine.

Types of web applications

1.     Websites
Basically websites are web applications as they provide information globally via internet protocols.

2.    Web portals
Web portals are business gateways. They assist in business operations.

3.      Enterprise applications
These are those applications which provide business information and services.
To be honest there are many type but just to keep this blog short we mentioned few.

Why your business need it?
Suppose you’ve 5000 employees with a desktop and if you wish them to stay connected then you need to install application on each system- a big headache. Now, consider this you can make an application what they can open in browser and chat with each other. Or you want to make an ecommerce application for your consumers to engage. Or your company website can be turned into web application.
So, when you look for best website application development in Delhi, look for a company with great track record, talk to their clients or ask them for proposal before you make a decision.

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